What is a wish?

Eure Wünsche sind der Rohstoff der Materie

In many spiritual teachings it is said that we should be desireless and should let go our wishes. I see this a little differently. We live here on Earth, in a field where there is matter. Here we have the possibility to become more and more aware of our creative power of and to use it. Here we can make our wishes and deepest desire, which are the wishes and desire of the Great Spirit, come true and breathe life into them.

My friends in the spiritual world told me once: “Your desires are the raw materials of the matter.” Out of that simple sentence the painting, you can see above, became material.

The spiral in the picture is the perspectively painted Fibonacci Spiral. This spiral is the basis of all matter on the Earth. It is a tool of the Great Spirit and occurs everywhere in nature. Here is a nice video about this:

Nature by numbers

The first step towards the fulfillment of our desires is to perceive and to recognize them at all. If we hit the road to let our wishes and become true and to let our longings find fulfillment, we often often encounter barriers inside of us. These are beliefs, fears, all sorts of things, what is holding us back. I suspect that this is one reason why we humans sometimes prefer not to follow our dreams. But thus we are gradually getting sad. And that, I suspect, in turn, is probably the reason why many spiritual directions say we should rather be desireless.

However, my experience tells me that it also works the other way around. If we have the courage to formulate, to accept and to follow our deepest wishes despite all the obstacles, we will find more and more fulfillment and become more and more desireless, because we will be happier and happier. A wish is therefore the first step in the use of the own creative power. And so I wish you:

Die Süße des Lebens

the sweetness of life.

PS: I want to clarify what I mean by "truth". I take every single person as a creator, so also as a creator of reality. Thus, there is not one truth, but at least as many truths as there are humans. And to be more exact, we are creating the whole truth new in every second. So I request you to accept, what I write here, as what it is: my truth. If it brings you knowledge, confirmation or anything like that, I am pleased. If not, just forget it again confidently. Please forgive me for my English mistakes. I am German, and do my best! I am also happy about corrections.

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