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Feder und Tinte

Here I’ll share my latest findings and truths, my thoughts and perceptions with you.

First I want to clarify what I mean by “truth”. I take every single person as a creator, so also as a creator of reality. Thus, there is not one truth, but at least as many truths as there are humans. And to be more exact, we are creating the whole truth new in every second. So I request you to accept, what I write here, as what it is: my truth. If it brings you knowledge, confirmation or anything like that, I am pleased. If not, just forget it again confidently. Please forgive me for my English mistakes. I am German, and do my best! I am also happy about corrections.

I will translate the German posts little by little into the best English I am able to.

If you would like to use my texts, of course you can do that. Please in that case name me as the author. Of cause I also would be happy about a link to my blog. I thank you for your mindfulness!

And now I wish you lots of fun and a lot of insights in the following pages.

With warm regards,
Tanja Richter

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