We are manipulated! So what?

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We are manipulated. This sentence befalls repeatedly and effectively anywhere. We are manipulated by the “mainstream” media, the reptilians and other aliens, the politicians, the school, the system, etc., etc.. The list of those who manipulate us is enormously long.

Firstly, I’m not so sure if this is true to this degree. And secondly – and for my liking this weighs much heavier – I do not know what for such a statement is helpful.

What is it doing with me when I am told I would be manipulated? How do I feel? It makes me suspicious, anxious and I go into resistance. I can recognise a clear enemy, namely the manipulator. I don’t feel my life in my own hand anymore, but just ┬ádetermined by others. And what exactly create such feelings? What can thus resonate?

Usually the word manipulation is associated with hidden influence. Most people do not like to be manipulated. And much less would they affirm to manipulate themselves.

But for this I’d like to tell you a story of my life:

There was a time in my life where I wanted to open a school of magic. I thought my project was great, because it was liberating, new and playful! In that time I met again and again people who accused me of being manipulative. I did not understand that, because I wanted something great indeed! But it did not stop.

So I lay down on the couch and took an inward turn. And the first thing I had to admit, was that the people were right: I was manipulative. Regarding the magic school project I had intentions which I was not aware and I wanted other people to do something, because I wanted to feel a certain way. That took my breath for three days long, because I always had thought I would be free of manipulation! I really didn’t want to manipulate anybody! Yet I had to admit that I did it.

However in those three days I went an extra mile. I thought I would influence others just by my wishes, my being there, yes, by my breath and what else is influencing than manipulation. It took a while until I found my solution:

I don’t want to manipulate to mean the hidden influence. I want to take the open influence definitely. For being able to be here _ on Earth, I have to take a position and I need wishes and intentions. I can not do otherwise but to influence other beings. All I can do is, so the best I can to ensure that my intentions, my desires and goals are clear and open. I can check again and again whether I play unconscious, perhaps fears or old emotion nodes that assume a peculiar influence. I just can only communicate as transparently as possible. And if someone feels manipulated by me, there is the opportunity to address this. Then of course I gladly look inside of me. And thus after three days I finally took a deep breath and I forsook the couch.

But how it behaves with being manipulated?

As I perceive it, manipulation is a game with the feelings, emotions, fears and desires of the people. For this purpose informations are being twisted, omitted, added, and conceptions of men, the world and God etc. are created. This happens everywhere in society. It starts with our parents and teachers, who more or (usually) less consciously educate us according to their ideas and standards of value. It continues with boys or girls whom we want to like us when we are teenagers. It continues with groups to which we feel we (would like to) belong; with media who wish to bring us to buy or do certain things; with spiritual teachers, whom we believe, because they obviously have the special connection to the Great Spirit; and it ends with ourselves, because we aren’t aware of our possibly ancient emotions. I even can remember that once I also was manipulated by my spirits by telling me an untruth to bring me to the right question I should have asked.

Well, what can we do to protect ourselves from being manipulated?

Only – seemingly nothing. Because everything influences us, whether the acting beings are conscious about it, or not or even if we are aware of it or not. The question for me is not, if I am manipulated, but if I like the result.

That to me anyway is one of the most important questions: Do I like, which is reflected in my life? If I like it, everything is good anyway. If I do not like it, there is need for action. In that case it is important to look exactly. Do I have all the information I need? Where can I get them from? What feelings in me are addressed and why? Are they possibly old feelings? Do I have a negative focus? Might I have to change it to obtain different answers?

These are questions of people who are aware of their creative power, of people who usually know what they want and who walk towards it.

In addition to the effect that it makes happy to focus a desired state and to do everything you can on earth to achieve this state, such an approach to unsightly manipulation has the consequence that they are being tried for sure, but can not access. They can’t reach a human being, who is aware of his deepest longings and desires and who is going to be more and more happy.

And that is my answer to the constantly recurring statement, we would be manipulated: “I do not care if I am manipulated or not. I anyway can’t know exactly what is true and what is not. But I can know exactly what I want and I do want peace and being happy. So I behave peacefully and am as happy as it is possible for me here and now. Not the reaction to something frees, but the deliberate use of the own creative power. “

A happy human is hardly manipulable. He is/ has everything he needs.

PS: I want to clarify what I mean by "truth". I take every single person as a creator, so also as a creator of reality. Thus, there is not one truth, but at least as many truths as there are humans. And to be more exact, we are creating the whole truth new in every second. So I request you to accept, what I write here, as what it is: my truth. If it brings you knowledge, confirmation or anything like that, I am pleased. If not, just forget it again confidently. Please forgive me for my English mistakes. I am German, and do my best! I am also happy about corrections.

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