Today i want to give some courage

Footsteps with the whole universe in them

to you, my dear earthmates and friends,

It is not long ago that I have talked with one of my best friends. Once she has helped to ensure that I was able to put both my feet on the ground and now I had to realize that she has become quite discouraged during the last years.

Like many of us, she had set great hopes for the year 2012. Quite a few of us believe(d) that there would be a quick, significant change on earth. I had this hope too. On the one hand I had this hope, because I wished a better life for myself and on the other hand there was still a part in me, who believed in this kind of predictions.

For me, it is now perfectly clear that the transition will take decades, maybe even one or two centuries. That seems to be logical; after all, we have needed thousands of years to go deep into the darkness and the forgetting. How can we expect that the cleanup would take only a few years? What a stress and overtaxing that would be not only for our body systems?

A few weeks ago I received an email in which the fear was expressed that there would be a great war and system breakdown. I replied that it is up to us what we create collectively. If we focus on war, breakdown and chaos, in fact we’ll get all of that. If we follow our fear, foment new enemy stereotypes and so on, we will create exactly that. But if we focus on what we really want and begin to try out and to build up new structures, we will create the opportunity for a gentle removal of the old and replace it easily by the new.

While I was still writing my answer, the feeling that what I wrote here was not right came over me. It felt as if we would have not really a choice in this case, but rather as if we had made the choice of a transition as gentle as possible several millennia before, and no matter where our focus is right now, it will simply be no bang. It will be jerking and bumpy and maybe it will explode here and there, yes. But no bang. Of course my feelings can fool me. But even if that were so, I find this idea is quite worth to be thought and also very reassuring!

I do not want a crash. I already have seen such a thing, namely the collapse of the GDR. Sure, if something old and unwanted is going to die, first of all it’s nice. But if no real alternatives are prepared and there are no ideas how new structures could look like and could be realized, the chaos will be ensued by the ancient structures in a new guise.

And who else but us should create the new? If we believe that our cosmic brothers and sisters would visit us and we easily could borrow their structures, what would we have learned? Again someone would have come to tell us what we would have to do and to let. No! That I do not want definitely! Then I would rather try and reflect new and try again, and so on. And if it takes a long time, it just takes a long time.

Our cosmic brothers and sisters can surely give a tip or two, how they make it themselves, but we must not forget that the earth is just simply the earth with its own conditions. In fact it wouldn’t make any sense, for example, to try to impose German structures on Kenya. Neither the Kenyans would like this experiment, nor would it really work well. The history has shown us and unfortunately still does. We tried it often enough. And now could try something completely new: respect for who and what is different and thus also respect for ourselves.

Well, where should the new structures come from, if not from us ourselves? And how open we meanwhile are for something new indeed? How good are we for example in taking a gift? Many people still wear the thought in themselves that they would have to earn their life on earth hardly. Several years ago, for example I met a woman who said that she would find the realization of the unconditional basic income (UBI) absolutely necessary and useful. She had a friend who had been pensioned because of an illness. The disease was apparently not so terribly hard, so that she was upset about her acquaintances, since she now no longer needed to work. I commented that her friend then already now had an UBI.

 To picture things in the mind is one thing. To implement them and bring them into the world, is another matter entirely. When we materialize of what we believe we would want we come to our actual limits. We clearly can feel which fear or guilt or prejudices or ancient pain still are inside of us. Maybe we also note on our path that our initial idea was not so thrilling and we have to rethink it. And one of the biggest challenges ever, seems to me to find a way to live one’s own individuality and to live in the community. Not all people have the same ideas about how a good life looks like. Will we find our freedom in and through the other one or will we believe that one’s freedom ends where the freedom of the other begins?

So many questions and, as I see it, fairly quite few answers. That is why my suggestion would be to put our focus on all the people and communities who already try out and build up alternatives. Let us open our eyes and look at already existing new business models (eg SEMCO) or people who care about functioning financial systems (eg Gradido – the natural economy of life – I am sorry, English is not available.) free from debt and interest, let us perceive the changes in consumption of people and so on and so. Everywhere things are changing. Maybe in small steps. But there is something going on. And in view of the fact that the Second World War yet is less than 100 years ago, I personally find the development very rapidly.

Let also us give ourselves into this search and change! Let us begin to allow ourselves to feel happiness and joy, even if there still is so much injustice and suffering on earth. Let us begin to use our hearts and our minds to bring forth new thoughtfeelings and feelingthought. Let the light and dark in us dance together to give birth to completely new ideas! And let us strengthen these energies on earth, which we want to anchor here, by living them here and now. This way these energies are available for more and more people, more and more of us will be touched and seized by them. For that we either do not need aliens (just let invite them for having a cup of coffee together) nor another liberation meditation (except possibly for ourselves), nor any permission from anyone.

If you realize that you want to change a quite specific point in your daily life, just get it started to! Others will follow you if you really are freed and happy by what you were going to change. Does it make you happy, you spread it out. And I have experienced it: Happiness is contagious!

PS: I want to clarify what I mean by "truth". I take every single person as a creator, so also as a creator of reality. Thus, there is not one truth, but at least as many truths as there are humans. And to be more exact, we are creating the whole truth new in every second. So I request you to accept, what I write here, as what it is: my truth. If it brings you knowledge, confirmation or anything like that, I am pleased. If not, just forget it again confidently. Please forgive me for my English mistakes. I am German, and do my best! I am also happy about corrections.

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