Meditation for the return of the own holding of power

Zahnräder mit Menschen drin

During the last days and weeks, I was several times asked to work on the subject of Russia and the West in a shamanic way. And every time I was made aware of a fairly large being of power in America. This entity is composed of all personal power units, which have submitted by all human beings of the Earth during the last centuries. So I asked that being, what would be to do for making it smaller. It answered that it would be really nice, if every person, who gave his or her part of power to that being would take that part back to him- or herself.

Of course this can carry some challenges, because if we do that, we first have to admit to ourselves that once we have given up our power to that being and thus also agreed that all these things were happening here on earth which we so willingly condemn. And the second step is the decision to take that power back to ourselves.

Today I was asked by the spiritual world, to publish a meditation for it. So I do now

(Some words beforehand: If you can locate this being of power somewhere else, then travel up there.)

Close your eyes and consciously breathe seven times in and out. Each inhaling you’ll catch the sun’s energy from the center of the sun in your heart. With each exhale you form a sun out of the middle of your heart.

Ask your spiritual accompaniment to assist you with your project. All beings who are able and want to help you are invited.

And then get ye upon the journey to America. Maybe you will be flying on the back of a bird or you swim on a whale. However you will reach to America, there you will find this very very large being of power.

Your spiritual accompaniment and the energy of the sun are around you. You are safe and protected. So now just let you fall into the middle of this entity. Get its energy. Notice how destructive it is, by the fact that we humans have given our power to it. Perceive what we and thus also you have approved to happen.

Say: Yes, this is also me. All the suffering I have co-created. I respect and honor me for my creation. And now, here and now, I take my power back to me. I now use it for the creation of peace, abundance and harmony. So be it.

Say thank you to the being of power for its work during the last few centuries until today and feel how the strength and the power flow into you, taking their space back in your system. You have taken the responsibility for that collective creation back to you. Now you can use it for the change on earth.

Then disconnect yourself quite deliberately from the energy of this being and travel back to yourself. Say thank you to your spiritual accompaniment, breathe deeply in and out. Stretch yourself. Strain your muscles and relax them again. Knead the retrieved energy into your body. Be completely back in the here and now again and open your eyes.

It may be that in the next few days memories come back to you that are associated with this part of power. Take the time to let it flow through you without judgment. Forgive yourself if there is something to forgive and don’t forget: the unconditional self-love is a key to peace.

Thank you for your trust and your courage!

PS: I want to clarify what I mean by "truth". I take every single person as a creator, so also as a creator of reality. Thus, there is not one truth, but at least as many truths as there are humans. And to be more exact, we are creating the whole truth new in every second. So I request you to accept, what I write here, as what it is: my truth. If it brings you knowledge, confirmation or anything like that, I am pleased. If not, just forget it again confidently. Please forgive me for my English mistakes. I am German, and do my best! I am also happy about corrections.

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